What’s in and out for 2019!

Trying to keep up with the current trends for weddings / events is time consuming!

Interestingly, the information I am about to divulge seems to completely contradict itself. Not to mention that Idaho always seems to be one of those states where brides do whatever their little heart’s desire.

Trends that are out for 2019:

  • Rose Gold
  • Rustic Chic
  • Tropical Colors (turquoise, fuschia, etc.)
  • Ultra Formal
  • BoHo (minimalist style)
  • Green Garlands
  • Interactive Foods (donut stations, etc.)

We are currently working with several brides getting married in 2019 that are still planning to use the themes above. I personally think if you are in love with a certain theme, just do whatever you want!

Trends that are in for 2019:

  • Organic inspired greenery
  • Sparkles
  • Fine art
  • Geometric & floral combinations
  • Romantic evenings (lots of mood lighting – candles, up-lighting, cafe light strings, etc.)
  • Moody Romance (Dark, edgy colors and floral styles)
  • Earth Tones (muted sand colors, browns and use of pampas grass)
  • Fairy Tales (Pick your favorite Disney movie!)

Notice that there are a few of each (in & out) that seem to resemble one another. For example: Green Garlands / Organic Inspired Greens. If you look on the web for pics, you will see that there really is not much difference in the two.

Just as Blush was projected to go out of style several years ago, it has held on to be one of the top picks for brides again this year, along with Rose Gold. Certain things will always stick around or at least make their way back around quicker than others.

I think the moral to this Blog is that each individual has several factors to consider as far as theme:

  • Monetary well being / budget of the event
  • Venue types (barns, building rooftops, hotel convention centers, and a field in the middle of nowhere)
  • The couple’s favorite colors
  • Likes and dislikes for decor

All of these factors will play a role in helping or hindering your decision in which way to build your event vision. Can you imagine not doing Rustic Chic in a barn or in a field? I’m just saying… be reasonable with your vision. Some things just make sense!

Happy planning!