What to consider when venue shopping!

Consider foremost the maximum number of guests you could have attending your event.

Is your venue easy to find? If your inviting many out of town guests, you want to consider their knowledge of the surrounding area.

Consider making the start time of your event before or after peak traffic times, especially if your venue is in the middle of town.

Make sure your venue has plenty of free parking for your guests. If not, consider a shuttle service from a central point, or at least educate your guests so they know what to expect.

Wedding Style
Does your venue meet your wedding style? Yes, you have a wedding style, and you should make sure that the venues you are most interested in meets that style 🙂

Make sure that you have a plan B for weather related issues, if your venue does not have a covered space. Also, know the cost of “Plan B” and set aside those dollars so that it is not a stress point wedding week.

It’s not too hard to see that if your budget is $10,000.00, using 50% of your budget on the venue does not leave you much for everything else you need to consider (Food, DJ, photography, video, flowers, rentals, bar, etc.)

***Venue shopping can be stressful, but if have a budget established…only visiting the venues that will fit into your budget will help manage your stress and make your experience a much happier one…