My first Blog!

Blogging was never something I thought I would ever do, but here I am today on a new journey to keep you entertained!

For the purpose of those who don’t know me… I am Brandi Jo Barnhart. Born and raised right here in Idaho. I don’t meet many native Idahoans anymore, but have met some pretty awesome people from other states who have migrated here. For the most part, as long as you are a safe driver and nice individual, I like all the newbies.

For a short stint of time my Father’s Army job took us to Germany and then onto Tennessee when I was 5 -8 years of age. I have traveled much of the country, although must admit that I don’t remember much of it being so young. Much like my parents, we raised our three children taking vacations to new places once or twice a year.
I love to travel and see new places! My heart really lies with the Idaho mountains. Some day I hope to have a little plot of land in the Northern end of the state to settle in and retire on. For now however, we live in Meridian with one of our three children, our dog and 3 cats!

Backing up 29 years… I was 18 years of age when I discovered that I had an interest in Floral Design. I really didn’t discover as much as stumbled onto it I guess you could say…you see I was looking for the last of my classes for my Senior year of High School (Borah High School – Go Lions!). I really just wanted an easy A class that would get me off campus, so I chose Career Ed Floral class that was taught at the Idaho Fair Grounds. After a Semester of learning how to tie bows and studying lines, we were off to our internships at local stores/shops. From there I worked I don’t know how many floral jobs. (I kid you not…I don’t know how many, it was so many!) At one point after I married my husband Robert, I opened a floral shop in Meridian called “Flowers By Nature”, but after about a year and having the last of our 3 children, decided it was a bit much. We closed the doors, sold everything, and I then went on to medical school to become a Medical Assistant. With the promise of higher wages and better benefits, I still couldn’t shake the need to do anything floral or creative for friends, families and referrals, so I kept a small side business going from home.

Fast forward 17 years to the winter of 2015…I am let go from my job of $60,000.00 a year the week before Christmas. I won’t bore you with the details, but I think I knew it was coming. I literally had been planning for about a year prior to that, to change my home business name of BB’s Weddings & Events to Boise Events and had recently (2 months prior) had a professional website built and hosted. It took me 3 months of looking for a replacement job in the medical field to understand that God really wanted me in another place. It was a difficult decision, but one I will never regret, to move out of a stable Monday – Friday job, and into self employment doing what I love.

We opened the store front (out of home) version of Boise Events in April of 2016 and never looked back. Although I still sought full time employment for an additional 3 months, thinking I needed it until business started to pick up…I really was not able to find anything and kept moving forward.
Seeing pictures of the event work I did in the past from home and the work I do now from the shop, tells me I am right where I belong. This is my passion and God given gift! As hard as it is some days, I cannot believe I get to do this!

Every week I hope to blog about subjects from flowers to planning and beyond (Maybe a little personal stuff as we go). We will share pictures and discuss fun topics…stay tuned!