Michelle & Zach

Michelle & Zach
Engagement Photos
Roseberry, Idaho

Although this couple had been engaged for some time before they contacted me for other services, my offer to include pics for them for their wedding in my other fees is what ultimately brought them to me…No, this is not something I typically do, but my heart has a special place for two kids in love, with a very timid budget…

Such a young couple…originally slated to get married next summer, they decided they just could not wait!

The wedding is now this November and after doing their engagement shoot, I can’t wait for the day to finally get here. The connection these two have is so strong you can feel it in pictures. The day we shot it was raining and as you can see by the skies, not exactly wardrobe friendly. However, everyone took it in stride and waited for a break to eventually get some of what I think is my best work to date 🙂 Thanks kids for hanging in there and making my job so easy!