Lets get personal!

I’ve been told that it’s always good to share personal facts about myself, so that the general public can get to know me. Other than what I spilled in the first blog, I am a relatively private individual with few friends. When I am not working, which is 80% – 90% of the time, I enjoy traveling to the mountains to get away from “The Concrete Jungle!” I love hiking. My favorite hike ever was the Comet Falls hike in Mount Rainier National Park. I remember thinking when it was all done that I felt like I was 20 again. We won’t discuss just how old I was, but it was nothing close to 20.

My husband and I enjoy the National Parks, and there for about 10 years in a row traveled to Yellowstone to hike and find bears and wolves.  To this date we have been to the following National Parks…Glacier, Yellowstone, Zions, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Mount Rainier, Olympic, Yosemite, Badlands, Redwood, Biscayne, Haleakala, Sequoia and Everglades national park.  There might be 1 or 2 I have passed over, but these are the ones that stick in my mind.  We probably will never get to visit all of them in our lifetime, but every time I can check one off the list, I feel an overwhelming satisfaction.
I am one of those old soles that would rather spend  money traveling this continent and all we have to see here, then going off on a cruise or risking my life or that of my families by going to a foreign country.
I am a lover of God, flowers and family.  My faith has really gotten me through some rough patches.  The lord is the sole reason I have this business and I believe my ability to create beautiful flowers.  It is truly a God given gift!  Wouldn’t trade it for anything.
My perfect day consists of waking up on a cool, crisp, late spring morning… sitting on the covered porch of our small, but quaint cabin, somewhere in the Sawtooths.  Sipping a hot cup of coffee and watching the flowers bloom in the gentle sunlight…then taking a nice hike in the mountains surrounded by family, the singing birds and nature at its best.  (We are a long ways from this picture, but it certainly gives me something to look forward to.)
I don’t cook much.
I hate cleaning.
I wish I could make myself sit down and read more.
One interesting, little known fact about me…I wanted to be in the Air Force as a fighter pilot, so that I could eventually move into the shuttle program.  I guess the good Lord knew before I did what would happen there.  Good thing!
Also, when I was 20 years old, I met my husband because I had a love for cars.  Not just any cars…fast ones!  For a while there, we raced out at Firebird Raceway.  I even built my own motor!  How many girls can say they did that?
Of course as we get older, have children and get serious about careers, all the fun stuff falls by the way side.  These things are however who I have been and always will be 🙂