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Boise Events made our wedding beautiful, carefree and organized for our special day. Our courtship was short and we planned a June wedding the end of April. They were very helpful in directing us to a great caterer, providing flowers and decorating our venue. I would recommend Brandi as a very positive wedding planner. I appreciated her suggestions as well. We participated in a "shoe game" that was a huge hit for the guests. Great memories!!!

Middleton, ID
I really loved working with Brandi and Robert. They were easy to work with and provided us with a lot of great information when it came to figuring out how photography was going to fit into our big day. Our pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous and I love going through them. Brandi also did the flowers for our wedding and they turned out even better than I pictured them. They were a beautiful addition to our wedding. I highly recommend Boise Events for your wedding needs! Breanna
Boise, ID
How Boise Events made our wedding experience beautiful
Wedding date: August 2016
Wedding size: About 70 attendees, 6 groomsmen, 6 bridesmaids
Wedding location: Boise

A lot of things were up in the air for our wedding before we met Brandi and her Boise Events crew in January 2016. We’d already spent about 4 months planning and saving for our August 2016 wedding in Boise, but had reached the overwhelming stage of: What do we do next? What’s most important? And more. We fully believed we were ready to plan the event all ourselves and were only going to touch base with Boise Events regarding photography.

About halfway through our first meeting, it clicked that we were not going to be able to plan it on our own and ensure our sanity. I’m sure many couples can do this effectively and have everything turn out wonderful, but we were not one of them.

With all of the built in discounts Boise Events offered for utilizing multiple services (photography, day of planning, pre-planning, flower purchasing and arrangement) the question we were asking ourselves quickly became: 1) Do we want to plan it ourselves and stress about how the day will go down, handle all day-of setup and planning ourselves, and be responsible for the inevitable hiccups, and tear everything down afterward? OR 2) Do we want to put the majority of planning, day-of setup and management, flower arranging and tear down in the hands of a professional, limiting our concerns to budgeting for the cost.

If it isn’t obvious already, we chose option 2. And we have a beautiful wedding that we will cherish the memory of forever to show for it. And we didn’t tear our hair out worrying about it.

We purchased these services from Boise Events, and here are my feelings about each:

50 hours of planning leading up to the event
This really saved us. Our venue, as a government-run facility, had a lot of vendor requirements and hoops to jump through. With Boise Events, we had help in working our way through this debacle, and someone to help respond to questions that we weren’t able to. We had our difficult times with the venue, but in the end we got exactly what we wanted. Boise Events also helped keep us on track for the parts of the wedding that were the bride and groom’s responsibilities: Writing vows, picking flowers (more on that below), ironing our table linens (this option was a great budget saver), getting the marriage license, reserving tuxes and keeping the wedding parties on track. In addition to all of our phone and e-mail correspondence, Boise Events also met with us multiple times in the lead-up to the event and made sure we had paid all of our invoices paid before the day of. It was wonderful knowing I didn’t have to write any checks on the big day. In this 50 hours, they also found a way to prepare all of our beautiful centerpieces, bouquets, corsages and develop a wonderful décor plan to fit the space and our wedding size. And they organized our rehearsal the day before, which had to be held at a different venue. In the end we were provided with a complete timeline of the wedding day, which was so helpful at setting our nerves to ease. I’m not sure what would have happened if we hadn’t got this service.

All day set-up and coordination for the day of the wedding, including tear down.
Again, I don’t want to think about the headaches we would have had doing this ourselves. With all the prep done, the bride and groom literally only had to show up at the venues on time (according to our minute-by-minute timeline provided by Boise Events). We arrived to a beautifully decorated venue, with photographers waiting. They even helped us ensure that the bride and groom did not see each other until the actual ceremony, while taking photos of both of us on site. We even had a picture with the groom helping the bride out of the limo while facing the other direction … AND WE STILL DIDN’T SEE EACH OTHER AT ALL. They moved each party to where they needed to be throughout the ceremony and reception, set up an awesome shoe game, kept the DJ on track, and ensured everyone, including the bride and groom, got fed. At the end of the night, they tore down everything and helped make sure it all made it to its correct location. In response to a hiccup where a chair dragged by a wedding party member damaged the venue floor, they stayed with the building maintenance folks while they tried to fix it, and warned us afterwards of the damage. They did absolutely everything they could to ensure our beautiful day went as planned, and it was so seamless we know they went far above and beyond and we just weren’t able to see all of the small things that brought it all together.

Flower arrangement/planning/purchasing
From the beginning of our planning, we were set on saving money by growing or picking our own flowers in the wild. We utilized a lot of Black-eyed Susan flowers in hopes their availability in the wild would help. We were surprised when we attended wedding shows and no florists were willing to accept or arrange anything we grew ourselves…. That is until we met Boise Events. Brandi helped us develop a flower plan that included flowers we grew and some that we picked ourselves, accented by filler flowers that Brandi purchased for us. While the growing season and picking them ourselves caused some last minute stress, the flexibility Boise Events allowed us saved us hundreds of dollars. And all of the flowers turned out beautiful. I could not believe that the same flowers we dropped off with Brandi four days before had absolutely transformed the venue space for the wedding. I would recommend Boise Events to anyone for their skills with flowers alone.

Photography by two photographers
Brandi and her husband Rob were the photographers for our wedding, and what a team! We started the day with Rob photographing the groom’s party at the venue, and Brandi taking photographs of the brides and bridesmaids as they got ready off site. Then they coordinated as both parties showed up on site, again to make sure neither bride or groom saw each other. Rob got some amazing photos for the groom’s party that turned out just great. We are still in awe of the photos Brandi got of the dress and my beautiful bride. During the ceremony, you could see the benefit of two photographers from the multiple angles for each shot, and they were all fantastic photos. At the very end of the wedding, about 25 attendees joined the us to float the Boise River, and both photographers went all out, going down the riverside trails and wading into the water to get photos of us setting off in our “Just Married” raft. This something we never would have expected them to do, but they did and we are very grateful.

And finally, we were absolutely blown away by the quick turnaround on our pictures. We received almost 900 photos back 16 days after the wedding. 16 DAYS. We had barely returned from the honeymoon, so the timing was perfect. And they looked absolutely gorgeous. We’ve shared them with everyone we know and have heard nothing but positive feedback about our wedding photos.

I don’t believe Boise Events directly provides this service, but they were able to suggest a DJ they had worked with, and it turned out great. He was able to attend the rehearsal, and met with us to discuss our preferences. He made adjustments to include tons of songs we wanted that may have been a little out of the ordinary, and he took changes that we requested in stride. We did have some random music come on during the ceremony, but with the help of our awesome officiant, and I’m sure Boise Events, it all just turned into a great laugh and a funny memory. So, feel free to ask Boise Events for suggestions in this area with confidence.

To summarize, we never thought we’d need a wedding planner, but then found we couldn’t live without one. And we will be forever grateful that we found Brandi and Boise Events. They helped keep us happy and sane in the 8 months we spent planning, they dealt with a venue that could be difficult at times, and they ensured our big day, everything from the rehearsal to the tear down, was nothing short of what we’d dreamed of. If I had more events I needed to hire someone for, Boise Events would be it, and I will always recommend them first when anyone is looking for wedding help.

Thank you Brandi and the whole Boise Events team. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Carissa & Jonathan
Boise, ID
Thank you for yesterday. Everything went amazing. Everything looked great and the flowers were beautiful. Caylee & Amy
Meridian, ID
Boise Events did so well with everything for our wedding! The venue would cause problems then Boise events would fix the problems. They Made beautiful flowers for our wedding, gorgeous decor, set up and tore down everything, coordinated the whole day, and provided the cake and cupcakes. The day was perfect and I felt so stress free. They brought my ideas to life and even surpassed them. I couldn't have done it without them!

Boise, ID
Boise Events is amazing! Brandi was so great to work with and I could not have been happier with the way our wedding turned out. Boise Events did our planning, flowers, and day of coordination. During the planning process, Brandi was so easy to communicate and get ahold of, often returning emails within minutes. She had so many great suggestions that helped to make everything seamless. She was truly a God send the day of our wedding. I was so comfortable with all the plans we were made, so I was able to relax and enjoy myself while I was getting ready for our big day. Brandi and her team arrived at our venue at 9am and worked tirelessly to make our venue look beautiful! Everything was perfect. She then coordinated everything throughout the event so we were able to just relax and celebrate with our family and friends. She kept everything flowing so well, we were able to stay completely on schedule (if not ahead of schedule) to include all the special toasts, dances, etc and still have time to enjoy the day with our guests. It truly was the best day of our lives, and it would not have been as perfect without the help of Boise Events. Amanda
My wedding day was more than I could have ever imagined! Brandi and her team did an amazing job designing and setting up the venue the exact way I wanted it. Although I only hired her for the 30 day/ day of coordination, I felt like she was there for me every step of the way, as I planned my wedding. Brandi also did my floral arrangements for my wedding, and she did an amazing job! She was spot on at making perfect floral arrangements for everyone in the wedding party. I could not have asked for a better wedding coordinator. I would, without a doubt, hire Brandi again for any type of event coordination. She not only is amazing at her job, but she puts a ton of love and care into each event she plans.

Thank you so much for your amazing work Brandi. My wedding would have not been so perfect, if it wasn't for you! Taylar W.
Star, ID
Thank you for all your help in planning our perfect day(organizing/coordinating/rentals) and helping us plan out / schedule all our details and making sure everything ran on schedule! We appreciate all you did!

Jamie & Nick
Nampa, ID
Brandi and the Boise Events team made our wedding day beautiful. Not only was the venue flawlessly decorated, but they ensured the day flowed smoothly. I never had to worry about guests, entertainment, coordination, or that I was forgetting to take care of something. Brandi even injured her ankle putting up decorations and still stayed with us on our wedding day. Is that dedication or what? Planning the wedding with Brandi helped shaped our dream into a reality. She worked with us to keep my partner and I in our budget and found vendors to suit our preferences. Brandi kept our wedding on track both planning beforehand and on the day itself. We are so grateful we found Boise Events. Thank you! Christina G.
Boise, ID
Brandi at Boise Events was such a Godsend. I had originally decided to go with another well known planning group in Boise and was repeatedly disappointed in their lack of organization and professionalism. Brandi was the epitome of professionalism. After meeting with her she made it easy to decide to fire the other planning company and go with Boise Events for our wedding. Brandi knows what she is doing. She made me feel at ease and took almost all the stress out of planning. She walked me through a timeline and gave me homework and direction to stay on task. She helped line up other vendors for me and made sure the contracts were in line. She was easy to get in touch with and always responded quickly. My husband agrees that hiring Boise Events for our wedding planning and day of coordination was the best decision we made. I would recommend any bride in the treasure valley meet with Boise Events before going with anyone else for planning. Brandi will impress you and melt away your stress.

Boise Events Day of Coordinating Team was fantastic for our wedding. They made the day run smoothly and were completely behind the scenes. They go the extra mile coordinating with all of your vendors and creating a composite time line to stick to. Brandi will come to your rehearsal and ensure it runs smoothly, and best of all, having them as your day of coordinator means no one is asking you a bunch of questions on you big day- You can just relax and enjoy the moments. Throughout the reception, the team is quick and efficient, utmost professionals. Money very well spent to give you peace of mind and take away day of stress.

It was so nice to have Boise Events take care of set up and take down. It was very important to me that my family did not need to work on my wedding day- that they could just enjoy the day as guests. Boise Events took care of all the set up and take down- even the decor I provided. They made it so easy.

One of the best bonuses of going with Boise Events is the owner is a professional florist. I showed them a few photos of what I liked and left the rest and all the details up to them. She was able to get the look I wanted for a great price. It turned out beautiful. Inside our reception barn, I wanted it to smell fresh with lots of greens and Boise Events really came through. My Bouquet was beautiful, cascading, creative, and original. We got a lot of compliments on the flowers, garland, and greenery.

Boise Events had all the rentals we needed. They made us feel like we were their main priority- not just another bride on their calendar!

Molly and Jeff
Nampa, Idaho
Imagine waking up 13 hours before your wedding extremely ill with an unknown kidney infection. You have to go to the ER 5 hours before your wedding starts. Laying there freaking out, meanwhile your coordinator angel is keeping complete control of it all!

Not only did the decorations and flowers exceed my expectations, they kept it all going beautifully while I was in and out of the ER.

Working with Boise Events was wonderful from start to finish. Having a coordinator/decorator is worth its weight in gold. I have no idea what we would have done without them. If you want your dream wedding, make it happen with Boise Events! Jeanne I.
Cascade, ID
I want to thank you for the most beautiful day we ever imagined! The flowers and the coordination of Natalie’s wedding day was absolutely PERFECT!

You and your team did a fabulous job and truly made this an unforgettable memory for all of our family and friends attending. I am anxiously awaiting the photographer to post all of the beautiful pictures!!

Thanks again for everything!

My Best Regards,

-Julia Julie
Mother of the bride
Brandi was so wonderful to work with, and was a HUGE help in coordinating so many of the details of my wedding. Also, the flowers were absolutely beautiful! The bouquets tied the look of my wedding together perfectly. Brandi's creativity, vision and experience were excellent. I highly recommend her for both wedding flower arranging and event coordinating. Michaela
Boise, ID
Brandi was wonderful to work with and worked hard to ensure we had a wonderful wedding! The amount of work she put in was well worth the price and I would choose her again any day! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Brandi for the amazing flowers and for making the day run so incredibly smooth... I don't know what we would have done without you! Sara
Boise, ID
Brandi Barnhart, owner of Boise Events, has been extremely helpful in so many aspects of planning our daughter Jessica's wedding. From her beautiful bridal bouquets and corsages, offering suggestions for decor, seating, timelines, providing names for a D.J., videographer and rental companies, decorating the venue, and making sure every detail was covered, she proved herself to be a consummate professional. It shows that she has over 24 years of wedding experience. With the help of her and her crew, the day couldn't have gone more smoothly! Carmen
Boise, ID
Brandi did a superior job with my wedding as a coordinator and florist! Our bouquets were beautiful! Brandi was probably one of the best investments of our wedding. She was an unbelievably organized wedding coordinator! She helped us so much, and planned the wedding timeline down to the second. We are so grateful!! Thank you is not enough! Gina
Boise, ID
Brandi and her Family were so amazing to work with! They made our day so special. During the planning process, Brandi was always available to help us out with any questions we had. She helped us with our rental items, our photography questions and floral! Her daughter, Emily, even helped coordinate our day! This family is an amazing team and we were so grateful to have them!! Boise Events is the best! Adam and Aubrey
Boise, ID
Brandi and her team at Boise Evens were wonderful on my wedding day! I was so happy to have them help out with Setup & Tear down services, rental items, as well as flowers. It made my day so much more enjoyable and stress free to not have to worry about things at the reception venue being set up the day of the wedding, and at the end of the night my family and friends were able to walk away with no worries as Brandi was there to help with the tear down. I walked into the reception venue and it was exactly how I had imagined! Absolutely beautiful! All the flowers were beautiful, full and fresh. She incorporated colors and different flowers just as I told her I wanted. Brandi was so pleasant to work with. I would give her an idea, and she saw and understood what I wanted and made it happen, which is exactly what any Bride wants on her big day. Thank you so much Boise Events for making my wedding day that much better. Friends and family all complimented the reception venue stating what a good representation of the groom and I it was. I couldn't have put my vision to work that day without Brandi and her team. You all were truly wonderful to work with and I will continue to recommend you to family and friends in the Boise area and beyond. Thank you so much for making my Wedding Day beautiful! Amanda G.
Boise, ID
I am so glad we went with Boise Events! Originally I worked with Brandi who was absolutely amazing to work with since day one and Emily was the one who was my day of coordinator. Emily and Beau absolutely knocked everything out of the park on our wedding day. Not only is Emily an absolute sweetheart but she gets the job done and doesn't take any BS. Her and Beau made all of my dreams come to life on our day and made sure everything ran smoothly. From the decorations to the processes, Emily and Beau were incredible in every aspect of our wedding. Our wedding day was so hot but they never skipped a beat and although they sweat their butts off, Emily made sure that we were happy with everything, made sure we had food, and made sure we had our drinks! I cannot say enough good things about these two, our rentals, EVERYTHING! Our day was everything and so much more than anything we could've ever hoped for because of Boise Events!! Thank you guys!! Alex W.
Boise, ID
We booked Boise Events because we live out of town and because of the positive reviews I read on in November 2015. Over the last two years, my husband and I worked with Brandi in preparation of our August 2017 wedding. We used Brandi for planning, set-up/take-down, day of coordination, rentals and flowers. We enjoyed working with Brandi. She is very knowledgeable and provided several helpful referrals. The flowers for our wedding turned out better than I imagined. The centerpieces were a beautiful addition to our wedding and we got many positive comments from guests about them.

When I arrived a few hours before my wedding, Boise Events was setting up the venue beautifully and Brandi was available all day long to keep the schedule going. I especially liked that after she found out on our wedding day that our venue doesn't allow flowers on the ground, she still let us do a tradition from my husband's culture that involves kicking a pot full of flower petals.

Brandi also took care of purchasing our linens, and I found out after the wedding that she dealt with my color being unavailable by reaching out to past clients and even used some of her in-house linens to make sure I had enough in my color. Sophie & Dimitar
Boise, ID
Brandi was great to work with! I spent most of the planning process out of town, and she was very flexible when it came time to setting up meetings for the random weekends we were in Boise. Being able to drop our decorations off at her shop before the wedding was also a huge plus.

The day of, everything went very smoothly and it was awesome to not have all that added stress. The only things that were slightly disappointing were that there were a number of decorations that never got set up, and we didn't know that we were in charge of bringing the linens etc back home after the wedding until that night, so we had to scramble and ask favors of our friends that were still there. Not a huge deal but it would've been nice to know.

Brandi also did all the flowers, which were PERFECT. I gave her a number of random Pinterest pictures of things that I liked, and she combined all that into a gorgeous bouquet that was affordable and just oh so amazing. I got so many compliments not only on my bouquet but also the flowers for the rest of the ceremony/reception.

Overall I am so so glad that I used Boise Events, I can't even imagine having to do that whole process by myself! She not only took off a huge load of stress, but was able to recommend other vendors and ideas, and was able to provide backdrop/vase/etc rentals at a very affordable price. Thank you so much Brandi (and Emily!) for all of your hard work!

Eagle, ID
The flowers were more than I could have asked for! The centerpieces were stunning and I barely got to keep one myself as all of our guests were snagging them up as quick as possible. The flowers were beautiful and vibrant and were arranged beautifully. My bouquet was wonderful and the spray roses were a perfect touch to add a little extra to it.

I have to say that you work well with changes! Between the ceremony running 45 minutes late and a mother of the bride tantrum, you stayed calm and focused and helped to keep myself calm as well. Everyone in both our families commented on how much you were just there to keep things on track and moving despite the hiccups that were happening. You handled our day wonderfully and I couldn't be more thankful that I had you to coordinate.

Just as with the flowers, you knocked this out of the park! I got so many compliments from not only guests but the other vendors on how well everything was put together. The pictures do not do it justice and you matched our theme perfectly and really got the feel we were going for.
I can't thank you enough for everything you did and all you put up with for our day and am truly thankful we found you!

Boise, ID
Brandi and her team did an awesome job making our wedding perfect. We are low-key and were not super picky, but it was important to us to have a really fun event that fulfilled our vision of a casual, rustic, intimate wedding in McCall. Brandi did great work throughout the process helping us figure out decor, select great vendors, and deal with some repeated frustrations caused by our venue. She also did a phenomenal job with our floral design! We would absolutely recommend Boise Events to any couple planning their special day. Thank you!
Thanks 🙂

McCall, ID
Boise Events provided many services for my wedding, including: day of coordination, setup and tear down, flowers, decor, rentals and linens. It was so nice to be able to purchase flowers and decor from the same vendor; I felt that this lent itself well to a completely cohesive wedding design. The flowers were absolutely beautiful and exceeded all of my expectations! I got so many compliments from guests on the bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements. Brandi was even willing to beat prices quoted by other florists. Brandi was also wonderful to work with through the entire wedding decor planning process. She eased all of my worries and concerns and was always quick to answer my e-mails when I had questions. My wedding day ran so smooth and I didn't have to worry about a thing. I would definitely recommend Boise Events to other brides looking for design, floral, and/or day of coordinating services. My wedding day was absolutely perfect and I feel that Boise Events played a huge part in making it that way.

Eagle, ID
Boise Events was very helpful throughout the wedding planning process. Being a new bride to be I didn't know where to begin and she was very helpful in guiding me though to the big day. She had great ideas on color coordination, as well as different options depending on cost of different flowers. Kat
Boise, ID
My daughter got married in October, 2015, at the Boise Train Depot. We originally planned on handling the decorating, coordinating, and rentals ourselves. When our flower arrangements fell through, we found Brandi Barnhart with Boise Events to help with the flowers. At our first meeting with Brandi there was an instant bond and we knew she would play a pivotal part of the wedding. She had beautiful pictures to show us of her previous work. She listened to our ideas and was excited to tell us her ideas as well. As a team we put together beautiful flower and center piece ideas. Each time we met she became much more than our "flower lady". She always had time to meet and responded in text or email in a timely manner. Brandi handled the table and chair rentals, found the best deal for us to purchase linens, and was our wedding coordinator as well. Brandi went to meetings with us with the DJ and other vendors to make sure everyone was on the same page. Our head count kept increasing and she adapted the seating and tables accordingly. She had the wedding day timeline flawlessly outlined. Brandi and her team attended the rehearsal the night before and together we got almost all the decorating done. They finished decorating and setting up the outside seating the day of the wedding and assured us they had it handled. We were able to relax and enjoy the morning of the wedding, knowing they had everything under control! The wedding day was completely stress free and went off without a hitch. Brandi was much more than our "flower lady", she was our angel!!! We couldn't have pulled off a flawless beautiful wedding without her help!! I recommend Boise Events to anyone who is planning a wedding or party. They can do as little or as much as you want and the rates are very reasonable! I brag about Brandi and Boise Events every chance I get!! Give her a call, I guarantee you will not regret it!!
Brenda E
Mountain Home, ID
Brandi worked very well with me by understanding our financial situation and finding ways to work around the obstacles. She had tips and tricks that I would never have thought of because she has so much experience and knows her flowers well. If I had to plan another wedding I would definitely choose Boise Events again to do my flowers.

Boise Events also did my day of coordinating. I was definitely nervous on the day of my wedding but they calmed me down and let me know it was all going to work beautifully. Not only did the wedding run perfectly but both coordinators were respectful and worked hard to make sure if there were issues I did not have to worry about them. Boise events is on top of their services and not only knows what they’re doing but goes above and beyond what they were called to do to make sure everything is perfect for your big day.

Carli S
We hired Brandi and Boise Events to help out with our October wedding. I didn’t feel stressed at all the day of the wedding. I felt like everything was in good hands. Brandi did not try to turn my wedding into hers. She accepted my ideas and gave me an honest opinion. A lot of planners try to make the decorations be mostly their idea or materials, Brandi did not push me into anything I did not like. She was able to help cut down on cost in certain areas. I would recommend Brandi and Boise Events to anyone who is getting married. My husband even said hiring her was probably the best move we could have made and he is a man of very few words. Kelsey C.
Nampa, ID.
Best advice I can give as a newly wed - if you can - hire a wedding coordinator. Boise Events is definitely worth it!! We hired Brandi and her crew for coordination services, setup/tear down and all of our flower arrangements. She was a huge help every step of the way, especially when only a couple of weeks out we realized the initial garden we intended to use for the ceremony wouldn't accommodate the amount of people attending!! Talk about stressful! Also on the big day she was extremely efficient and made sure I was taken care of. I had my own walkie-talkie and "body guards" to limit the amount of traffic coming back into the dressing room to see me - trust me both were necessary. In the end, our wedding was gorgeous: the flowers were stunning, the ceremony was staged perfectly, the transition between ceremony and reception was flawless and didn't require any attending guests assistance, the reception was gorgeous, her recommended vendors were amazing...Without a moment's hesitation I would recommend Boise Events to anyone looking for a coordinator or a florist.

Thank you again Brandi!! Natalie L.
Emmett, ID
I hired Boise Events for my September 9, 2017 wedding. What was important to me when hiring a wedding planner was someone to help me with the flowers, décor, and helping the day of my wedding. Boise Events did all of that and much more. Seriously if you need a one stop shop this is the place to go. When I met with Brandi, I had a very specific vision of how I wanted my wedding to be and she definitely delivered. What I really appreciated was that Brandi was able to obtain all of the items that I wanted while being mindful of my budget. Brides, I would say that with Boise Events you do not have to sacrifice quality or have an unlimited budget in order to have a beautiful wedding. I had Brandi order all of my linens, plates, utensils, glassware, centerpieces, and all of the flowers and they are so beautiful I have never seen more beautiful bouquets at any wedding ever and we received so many compliments! Another thing that I really appreciated was that Boise events just billed me for all of the items at the very end, about a month right before the wedding and it was so helpful to just pay one place instead of multiple places and really cut down on the stress. The day of my wedding, Brandi and her team set everything up and then took everything down at the end of the night and it was so nice to not have to worry about cleaning up. This was a small detail that I did not think would be important to me but it truly was. The other thing that she provided that helped me more than I thought was the timeline for my wedding. We were not always right on time but she made the flow still work out and we still managed to get all of the activities that I wanted to fit in the schedule. All in all, I cannot say enough good things about Brandi and Boise Events and I will always recommend them to other brides that I meet. Thank you once again my wedding was perfect and am so happy with how it all turned out. Marisol G.
Boise, ID
Boise Events was the best choice we made in terms of our wedding! Brandi was our coordinator, florist, and photographer, along with her husband and incredible crew. The flowers were gorgeous and absolutely perfect. The photographers were awesome to work with and everything about the day went off better than I could have imagined, thanks to Boise Events. Brandi helped us plan things about the wedding that we wouldn't have even thought of until we realized it was too late. My day wouldn't have been nearly as amazing and perfect as it was without Brandi and this company! Jessica
Boise, ID
I had Brandi do all the flowers for my daughter's wedding. They were gorgeous. She also handled same day coordination. Everything ran smoothly and I did not need to worry about anything. Her services are superior. I would definitely recommend her to anyone for her services. Mary
Boise, ID
We worked with Brandi throughout the whole planning process and she did absolutely amazing making sure everything was in place, tying any loose ends, and helping me create my vision! The day of our wedding, Emily and Beau were our coordinators and they made that vision come to life! I cannot say enough how amazing Boise Events was throughout the whole process! Emily & Beau were so incredible accommodating all of my wants and needs the day of and although it was so hot that day, she didn't skip a beat and she made sure everything ran smoothly (which it did)! So thankful for all that Boise Events did for us - we will forever recommend them! 🙂 Alex W. – again
Boise, ID
When my wedding venue told me that we must have a day of coordinator for the wedding day, I was a little annoyed at first. Why pay so much money to use a venue if they can’t even manage making the day flow smoothly? Not to mention this was going to be another unexpected expense for an already expensive event. I was already feeling terrible about planning a wedding, and didn’t even want to use this venue anymore. We decided to stick with it since we already had it paid for. Little did I know, being required to have a coordinator was the greatest thing that my venue could have done for me! I reached out to Brandi at Boise Events about 4-5 months before the wedding, already starting to panic with how much was left to get done. From the very first time I talked to her over the phone I knew she was going to be the greatest tool for the stressful wedding planning time. I hadn’t even met her yet, but I was so excited to meet her and instantly felt relief after hearing the services she offers: set up, take down, centerpieces, flowers, and referrals to any other vendors I may need! It made me start thinking that this whole wedding planning thing might not be so bad after all!

Our first meeting was just a consultation to lay out everything that we wanted for our wedding day and how it should look. It was eye opening to me how much detail there really is that goes into wedding planning. I felt so much comfort having someone ask me exactly what I wanted and be able to envision it and make suggestions to make it even better. It was actually really fun to meet with Brandi and discuss these details. These were definitely some of the most enjoyable and stress free times of planning for me. We were forced to think about things that seemed so minor at first, and later became more clear why we needed decisions sooner than later.

As time came closer to the wedding it was time to write down the timeline for the day. I had already written out a rough draft on my own, trying to be proactive about the whole thing. The timeline I came up with wasn’t bad. It was close to what we came up with together with Brandi; but she pointed out why some details wouldn't work at certain times, and how changing it a little would make the night flow even better! I was getting super excited again beginning to imagine more clearly what my wedding day would look like. This made my fiancé (now husband) very happy too. When I wasn’t stressing, I was much nicer to him and everyone else! Talking everything through with Brandi helped me avoid becoming a Bridezilla! There were times that we still questioned if all of this craziness was worth it or if we should just elope. Looking back I’m so glad we stuck through it all. Anytime I had any issues with anything, even if it had nothing to do with Brandi, she would still listen to what I had to say and offer advice and calm me down.

Finally our wedding day was here! Brandi had been in contact with me almost all week long going over final details with decorations I had dropped off and making sure I was relaxing and enjoying my time leading up to the big day. She was great about making sure I had everything I needed and even made more suggestions of items for me to bring to stay comfortable. When I finally arrived to the venue, I was amazed at how great it looked! I knew her and her team were going to do a great job, but WOW! It was absolutely above and beyond everything that I had imagined before. My bouquet and my bridesmaid’s bouquets were absolutely gorgeous! All of the colors went together perfectly, the centerpieces were beautiful and the whole wedding flowed absolutely perfectly! There are no other words that I can use to describe my wedding day other than ‘PERFECT’! It was our day that reflected us pretty spot on. Without Boise Events and Brandi’s amazing talent for wedding planning, I know our day would have turned out very differently. I cannot show enough gratitude and appreciation for Brandi! It wasn’t just business, it was a formed friendship and I hope to stay in touch with her in the future!

Thank you Boise Events for making our wedding unforgettable!! Nicole & Cameron
Eagle, ID