Michelle & Zach

Michelle & Zach
Engagement Photos
Roseberry, Idaho

Although this couple had been engaged for some time before they contacted me for other services, my offer to include pics for them for their wedding in my other fees is what ultimately brought them to me…No, this is not something I typically do, but my heart has a special place for two kids in love, with a very timid budget… Continue reading “Michelle & Zach”

Communication is key!

As an event planner, you can imagine the scores of people we deal with every year. From couples, to their families, and much more; we have seen a noticeable change in how everyone communicates.

In the past 3 years there has been a large increase in couples that have issues with face to face interactions. Phones, email, text, and messages have made it impossible to develop quality relationships with clients.

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Be Careful of the Reviews you post!

I found this article and video to be very interesting. I thought I would share it with you!

The moral of the story is that it isn’t worth the potential backlash to review someone negatively online. Instead, work together so that things like this don’t happen. Click here to read about this mishap that caused a lawsuit.

The Healthy State Of a Business!

State of a business is usually defined as “assessing the value of assets, debts, cash flow and goods.”

I believe there is so much more to it!

For 17 years I worked in the medical field in positions from receptionist to practice administrator. During that time, I learned a lot about business in general. For the purpose of this blog, we will use a physician’s office to explain, and then show how this relates to all businesses.

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Lets get personal!

I’ve been told that it’s always good to share personal facts about myself, so that the general public can get to know me. Other than what I spilled in the first blog, I am a relatively private individual with few friends. When I am not working, which is 80% – 90% of the time, I enjoy traveling to the mountains to get away from “The Concrete Jungle!” I love hiking. My favorite hike ever was the Comet Falls hike in Mount Rainier National Park. I remember thinking when it was all done that I felt like I was 20 again. We won’t discuss just how old I was, but it was nothing close to 20.

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If you’re thinking about getting into the business…

As a local wedding planner, we are often asked about how to get into the business.  We get at least 4-6 inquiries a quarter from BSU students looking to do their internships with us.

Interestingly, none of those students have turned into candidates that are serious about the business enough to commit.

For starters lets go over some things you should know before even considering an education in the field. Continue reading “If you’re thinking about getting into the business…”

Biggest mistake

It is really obvious that it’s going to take me some time to get used to blogging every week!

The years since I began my journey in this industry have been filled with many ups and downs… mostly ups.

I get to work with couples who are planning one of the biggest, if not the biggest day of their lives. We enjoy getting to know every Bride individually and Groom’s as well. It is incredible to me that over 30 years of doing this and I have only had two Bridezillas!

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My first Blog!

Blogging was never something I thought I would ever do, but here I am today on a new journey to keep you entertained!

For the purpose of those who don’t know me… I am Brandi Jo Barnhart. Born and raised right here in Idaho. I don’t meet many native Idahoans anymore, but have met some pretty awesome people from other states who have migrated here. For the most part, as long as you are a safe driver and nice individual, I like all the newbies. Continue reading “My first Blog!”