Biggest mistake

It is really obvious that it’s going to take me some time to get used to blogging every week!

The years since I began my journey in this industry have been filled with many ups and downs… mostly ups.

I get to work with couples who are planning one of the biggest, if not the biggest day of their lives. We enjoy getting to know every Bride individually and Groom’s as well. It is incredible to me that over 30 years of doing this and I have only had two Bridezillas!

Boise Events strives to be different from all the other companies in town that say they are here to help couples with their event.

Absolutely everyone must make money to keep a business going, but it is my belief that we are one of the best at stretching our client’s dollars and giving them that unbelievable day they are dreaming of.

The one question I am asked the most is “What is the biggest mistake that couples make when planning their event?”

Now, let’s talk about that…

Keep in mind that this is coming from an individual who has been in the industry for 30 years, and not from an individual looking to gain your business. Look at it as the best piece of advice you will ever get if your planning a wedding.

Don’t try to do everything on your own! Also, don’t ask your friends and family to do it either. I am sure that I don’t have to explain, but I will none the less.

You are supposed to enjoy your wedding day. However, taking on decorating and setting it up are not going to allow you to spend that time with friends and family that most brides so desperately want. It definitely will not allow you the time to get the pampering you deserve either.

Asking friends and family is a recipe for disaster because I would bet your vision is not necessarily what they will ultimately wind up providing. Imagine sitting in your bridal suite getting ready for your big day, unable to relax because you’re freaking out, wondering if your friends and family are putting things together the way you asked them to. Not to mention, if things don’t go well, it will make the day awkward and dismal for all involved.

Always, always hire a day-of-coordinator and decorating team that is not your family, friends or even a co-worker. Even if you don’t feel you need the planning aspect, having the day of team will relieve you, your family, and friends of the issues that can arise.

Find a professional that fits your budget and your personality!

Most of all… enjoy your wedding day. It will hopefully be the only one you plan 🙂



Owner/Head Designer

Boise Events